9 Most Alien, Bizarre, Weird & Mysterious Places On Earth

Neil Armstrong once rightly observed, “Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.” We most often associate the word ‘mystery’, with the unknown, the bewildering, and the bizarre. When we are unable to describe certain incidents or natural occurrences, we find them alien to our understanding and logic. The same extends to certain places around the world as well. They look and feel strange, unearthly and preternatural, and we look at them in wonder and awe, because they defy logic. However, not everything needs to be dissected and explained to be enjoyed. Occasionally, not knowing why something happens, or why it exists, is a seductive and hypnotizing experience in itself. As it is believed by many, some things are better left unsaid. Similarly, some places are better left untarnished by scientific explanations. These places exude beauty and brilliance despite being otherworldly. Having said that, the following are the twenty most alien, bizarre, weird and mysterious places on earth.

9. Caño Cristales, Colombia

If you think you know everything about rivers, the Caño Cristales is going to bust your delusion. This river has been named as “The Most Beautiful River in the World”. This is because for two months between September and November, the otherwise unassuming river displays myriad shades of colors such as yellow, pink, red, green and blue. This phenomenon is caused by the millions of plants growing under the water.

Photo Credit http://www.amazingplacesforus.com/south-america/cano-cristales-the-river-of-five-colores-colombia/

8. Moeraki Boulders, New Zealand

New Zealand’s Koekohe Beach on South Island is a rare sight to watch, owing to the numerous mammoth boulders scattered around the place. These spherical rocks, which sometimes grow as big as 12-feet in circumference, are the results of a plethora of minerals and sediments accumulating and solidifying around a fossil as its central element. Though there are other examples of septarian concretions, like the ones found in North Island of New Zealand, these remain the weirdest owing to their humungous size.

 Photo Credit http://woodywander.blogspot.in/2012_05_01_archive.html
7. Magnetic Hill—Moncton, New Brunswick & Ladakh, India

On certain rare, occasions you might find your car going uphill without your driving it. What causes this scary phenomenon? Is it a haunting? Or is it a magnetic force underneath the surface of the earth? The reason behind this is still a mystery, but there are at least two famous Magnetic Hills such as the ones in Moncton, New Brunswick as well as in Ladakh, India.

Photo Credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/eewolff/2285485198

6. Richat Structure, Mauritania

Also called the “Eye of the Sahara”, the Richat Structure in Mauritania is a strange circular feature found in the desert. Though it is barely noticeable when you stand inside it, the view becomes prominent when viewed from above. There are several theories provided by scholars. While some say it was created by asteroids, others believe it was a result of a volcanic eruption. The most recent idea is that a large rock that weathered down gradually has caused this feature to come about. However, the perfect sphere and the equidistant rings are still subjects of speculation.

5. Travertine Pools Of Pamukkale, Turkey

Well, do not be deceived by the appearance of Pamukkale in Turkey. It looks snow-covered, no doubt, but is actually a group of small pools that result from calcium carbonate deposits. These deposits are the bi-products of seventeen natural hot springs. And yes, these travertine pools arranged in the form of terraces are anything but cold, with a temperature that might go up to 100-degrees Fahrenheit. Whatever the scientific explanation may be, these pools in Turkey are definitely an ethereal but bizarre sight to watch.

4. Blood Falls, Antarctica

There is a region in Antarctica, which not many people have been fortunate enough to visit, but it has been deemed by many experts as one of the most alien, bizarre, weird and mysterious places on earth. True to its name, the Blood Falls refer to a waterfall that flows from the Taylor Glacier, baffling most microbiologists and glaciologist because of its blood-red hue. Researchers have found unusually large quantities of iron oxide in West Lake Bonney located in the area. It is this path breaking discovery that has been inferred as the reason for the color of the falls. It is even more peculiar that amidst all that iron, microorganisms are able to survive at a depth of 1300 feet under the ice.

Photo Credit http://twentytwowords.com/blood-falls-an-antarctic-waterfall-of-primordial-ooze/

3. The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean

No list is complete without the baffling mystery of the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean. This three-cornered area lying between Bermuda, Miami and San Juan is highly infamous for numerous cases of disappearances of people, water vessels and aircrafts that try to cross this point. Why? No one knows for sure, but many theories have evolved over the years. While some say it could be the weather playing tricks, other give more bizarre explanations of aliens and monsters abducting people.

Bizarre Places 3

2. Fly Geyser, United States

The Nevada Desert in the United States is another place that boasts of a weird phenomenon, famously known as the Fly Geyser. In 1916, a well had been drilled into the ground, which served its purpose well for more than 45 years. However, in the 1960s, hot water began shooting out of the well. The dissolved salts gradually built up into huge, colorful mounds that keep gushing out water that reaches five feet high. This however is not a tourist spot and is not open to public, hence making the Fly Geyser even more bizarre.

1. Mount Roraima, Brazil

Yes, Mount Roraima, unlike its appearance, is actually a mountain. Instead of having a towering peak, covered by those dreamy clouds, the top of Mount Roraima is actually flat, resembling the structure of a sprawling plateau. Geologists and geographers attribute this phenomenon to the forces of nature, such as rain and wind. What’s makes this place stranger and even more mysterious is the fact that the vegetation and wildlife visible in abundance here, a factor not seen anywhere else in the world.



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