How to activate Pride reaction on your Facebook Account

Like other reactions on Facebook, you can opt-in by liking a specific page. during this case, liking the LGBTQ@Facebook page will activate the Pride reaction for your account.

Once you’ve got liked the page, if you hadn’t antecedently liked it, wait concerning 1 or 2 minutes and you may see the rainbow choice appear on each mobile and the internet. this may most likely solely be around for the remainder of the month, so enjoy it whereas it lasts!

Follow the Following Method to Activate the Pride Reaction on Facebook: –

  1. Open the Facebook either through the app or browser
  2. Search for LGBTQ@Facebook in the top search bar
  3. Like the LGBTQ@Facebook page
  4. Wait for some minutes
  5. Enjoy


All The images are adapted From Google



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