Let, Live The World Peacefully

Hi, I am one of the bloggers from Buzzsip and I have written many blogs post in this website and up to now, we have just talked about the top 9 expensive, luxurious, beautiful and so on. But today I am going to tell you about the war and violence increasing in this world.

The world which you are living today is going to end due to the war, violence, discrimination and sense of revenge. The peacefulness is being over due to the anger ness between the two countries. Every country in the world are wanting to rule the whole world and my question is what would you do if you became the king of the world and rule the whole planet wouldn’t you get died?

The average life span of normal people according to the WHO is 71.4 years and my question is that why do you don’t want to live the world freely? Why do you fight in the matter of color, in the name of caste, in the matter of money? Earn as you can and spend your money on visiting, donating and so on. Live the world as you want and Don’t care about others? The country rule or code of conduct is enough to rule the nation then why do you fight with each other. You are not alone on this planet to destroy each other’s habitat. The Earth is the habitat fo all living beings and due to our rudeness behavior the innocent creatures are being destroyed and many of them are on the verge of extinction.

According to the ICANW data 2011, yearly more than $104.9 Billion is just got handover for the production of weapons and do you know that more than 35% of people are still living in poverty. If the world has worked together from 2011  then I think few percentage of people have been living on the poverty line And I want to ask another question Why are you producing such weapon? For destroying the each other’s habitat, for destroying the humanity left on this planet? If all the heritages, nature are destroyed then what will we be answering our future generations? have you ever think it seriously?

So, I don’t want to talk long more about it because I can’t change the mind of people. So the readers please it’s my humble request to you keep the relation of brotherhood, sisterhood among all the people either he/she is Muslim, Christian, Buddhists, Hindu, black, white, Rich, poor etc. Respect Everyone and live the life you want and fly in the sky like birds.





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