What are your MORAL Values ? Material goods , education , spiritual or love ?

 The value system is the core of our individual development, which enables us to build our own world of rules, norms and behaviors that  at a certain point in our lives  begin to correspond and interact with the generally accepted ones.

The value system is the backbone of ,,ME” – and how we act on. All our relationships, every decision we make, every word we say express our value system.

The value system is built throughout the life , the  beginning is in the first years of family and public education. It is absolutely individual to each person and relates to morality, ethics, conscience and reason. It is known that everyone has individual features that distinguish him from everyone else. Personality develops through work and life . Not every one manages to develop into himself in a great person.

Man and morality are inextricably linked, as in every society the actions of individuals have to be reconciled in general activity. Morality, by its very nature, is a set of rules for regulating the actions of man in society. Unlike written norms , such as the laws, morality is distinguished by its unwritten character. This is rather a set of rules that are implied by themselves, they are not imposed as a limitation from the outside through the power and will of an institution, as in the laws, but as a self-awareness of an internal ban and limitation.

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Moral norms are generally related to conditional norms and principles of relationships between individuals. These norms are to educate the will of man, to develop his mind, to know his actions. We associate them with the individual human abilities to think and reason both for their own behavior and to make judgments about others’ attitudes towards one’s own self. So contacting people is accordet to OUR similar perceptions, thoughts and reasoning. Here  we have to mention ethics  , because it is the basis of human morality. Ethics and morality, as a phenomenon of public consciousness, complement and enrich each other. Ethics is a collection of human knowledge and beliefs concerning the study and tracing of moral norms.

By changing the value system one can change in both positive and negative aspects.

It is the value system that allows us to distinguish between moral and unmoral, between spiritual and material, between friendship and betrayal. It is the mechanism that is built up of personal characteristics, principles and knowledge.

But the motivation for such a change comes only with a pragmatic assessment of what  YOU  want to do .

A prerequisite for the transition of man into personality is the higher degree of self-knowledge.

With a properly built value system and education in virtues we learn to discern good and bad . Later, they develop  in the organization, enterprise, or company we work in. Another is the question that moral norms and values

can be different for everyone. Material goods are valuable for one , and for others this are  educational and spiritual. When we live in a life full of many breakthrough moments – solving problems and questions is shedding just those qualities of the system that can not survive, diminish or change. Life itself is a struggle of values. The success of the company or organization is because the moral, it will not even be exaggerated if I say this can be said  to a whole nation. The collective is cohesive ready for mutual help, interaction, work and progress if there is a good moral !




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