Top 9 Interesting Facts About Clash of Clan

1. About Founders:

Supercell, was founded in Helsinki, Finland. The game developer has been working in Clash of Clans along with a number of different most popular mobile games like Hay Day, Boom Beach etc.

2. Earned More Than $5 Million Daily:

As of February 2015, Supercell recovered more than $5 million daily from Clash of Clans. It has become much popular worldwide since 2015.

3. Valued $5.5 Billion:

With the success in different mobile games, supercell has recently been valued at $5.5 Billion after the investment of SoftBank.

4. Top Ranked Player:

George Yao, a top-ranked players, who spent six months in playing Clash of Clans on five Ipads, all at the same time. He used to take his ipads into the shower with him. That’s a big gaming addiction.

5. Highest Spending in Game:

Panda, one of the top player in Clash of Clan, told interesting fact that he spent around $7000 a month in CoC, which accounts for just 7% of his income.

6. Top 10 Players Accounts for Half of The Revenue:

As per Wired, Clash of Clan and other mobile games contribute around 50% to their revenue, which is from the top 10 players.

7. Number of Programmers and User:

Supercell employs just around 150 employees, out of which only around 15 people works in Clash of Clan. Still, it is one of the best game in the world. Talking about the number of users, Clash of Clan has 29.5 million active users, yielding millions of dollar on daily basis. It has become a fashion for gamers.

8. About PEKKA:

PEKKA was named via Facebook contest in 2012, which stands for Perfect Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins. PEKKA is the only one character in COC which changes character in every level upgrade, after Dragons.

9. Tesla Damage More to PEKKAS

Have you find this? Hidden Teslas damage PEKKA faster than comparing to other armies. Due to the conductivity of body armor of PEKKA, hidden teslas double damages to PEKKA comparing with other armies.




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